Saturday, 22 December 2012

Spread the wings

Happy Mother's Day to all mom all over the world!
And especially my dearest mom, thanks for being my best mom ever.
I love you {}
I took this outfit post yesterday, but I had no time to post it yesterday...

Miss Selfridge shirt - Unbranded jegging - Unbranded shoes
                     Look at my shoes! It looks like creepers uh huh? When it's actually a wedges. :P

The little things she needs & Unbranded

Stradivarius lovely wings ;;)
Who doesn't want to feel free? None, I think. Everybody needs freedom, right? Yeah, me too, sometimes. That's why I love wings very much, though this is the fake ones. It can't make you fly, but every time I see wings, I instantly think about freedom. Freedom doesn't mean we can do all things like we want without  norm. Freedom is more about we can do things that we can't do in the past.

Have a nice day everyone, don't forget to say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to your mom :)

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