Friday, 7 December 2012


Hey people!
Nice to see you again after renewing my blog. You know my old blog? I'm sorry I can no longer use it to share my daily life. I think I'm going to use it as my online shop maybe? I still don't have any idea about it.
I am having my school holiday now. And I'm super free to update my daily life here :)
I wanna share a bit about me. About my life, about my opinion.
I used to hide myself from public, but when I found out who I truly am, everything changes. I do believe that fashion is a part of me; so when it comes to fashion, I change. I'm not as fashionable as some people who wears so many accessories, layering cloths and etc. But I wear what I like and what makes me comfortable for my daily activities.
Beside fashion, I love culinary, photography, traveling. And I dream a lot. I think dreams are part of my life. I can't live without any dreams. Dreams are the one of several things in this life which can support us from inside. When you're down, and you don't know where to lean on and you can't even tell your parents about it, you can still stand tough..................... with your dreams. I have almost lost my dreams; to be a fashion designer, having my own fashion line, traveling a lot to meet fashion people, etc. I have almost lost it all. But at the end, I'm sure God has a perfect plan for me in His perfect time. So, you guys, please, don't stop dreaming. Live your life to the fullest by making your dreams to be happened, the process is hard, but the result is wonderful. Have a pleasant day :)

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