Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Casual Denim Day

Hi people! May is going to its end, it means welcome June!! Woohoo holiday is coming, but we have to do the final test first. My final test starts next week so wish me luck <3 And for those who also have the final test week, I wish you guys bunch of luck!

This outfit is actually taken for Zalora's competition but it's too late :( so I just posted it here. 

Coat: Something Borrowed
Clutch: Mango
Clutch (inside): Stradivarius
Jeans & Shoes: The Editor's Market


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Luxola x The Luxe Nomad

Hello people! I am back with another new post. Yay I'm so glad to say that I am participate in the Luxola x The Luxe Nomad program by making a review about one of the most well-known brushes, Real Techniques. I personally don't wear brushes for my daily makeup because I think it doesn't really work on me (I've tried using makeup brushes twice and I ended up by deciding not to use it anymore, it doesn't even work and I got acne after that!) but for sure Real Techniques is the best I've ever had. At first I was worried, but then I found out it's super easy to use!! For those who are looking for new brushes, you should try these brushes. Hope you experience the same way as I am.

And by the way, I HAVE AN EXCLUSIVE VOUCHER CODE JUST FOR YOU GUYS MY READERS & FOLLOWERS!! This voucher code is valid for your first order with

The special code: BLX-GRACIELLA
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So here's my daily routine. The products I use: Erha sunscreen, Benefit Porefessional, Benefit Big Easy, Pond's concealer, and Make Up Forever eye liner.

this is my bare face, yes, I do have acne. Period!
the end result

Moving to the Real Techniques travel set, I always wanna get back to holiday. After having so many assignments, tests, etc, I feel like oohhhh holiday please come faster. Who's with me? :p
I feel like I need to go to some places I've never been before, which have a different atmosphere from Jakarta, but also don't make me spend much. What do you guys suggest? I suddenly think about Bali. I am sure everyone knows Bali and of course knows the best of Bali; beaches, villas, markets, rice fields and many more. I visited Bali in 2010 and I stayed in hotel not villa :( I always want to stay at a villa, because I know and I'm really sure that there's a lot of beautiful villas in Bali (I saw the pics on ). You should see how interesting it is! My favorites are Villa Latitude as you can see HERE and Villa Jamalu as you can see HERE. I love the view and the interior design of the villas, they look so comfy although pricey enough. But I think it will be worth it for us who want to go refreshing and out of routines.

..... I wanna go back to Bali. Please. 

Ah... Another one! I remember every times I go travelling either domestic or going abroad, I always bring my makeup stuffs with me (you don't want to look ugly and not frest, do you?). And sometimes I just only have such a short time to get prepared. Moisturizers, sunscreen, foundations/bb cream, concealers, eyeliner etc. For travelling, I don't bring any brushes (as I mentioned before it didn't work at all, I left it at home), but after I got the Real Techniques travel set, I think I'm going to bring it everywhere with me. Don't ask me why, just try it! Try it by yourself! At the same time, you can get the 15% discount too by entering my special code. Okay, that's it. I hope this post can express how much I love you guys and I am very thankful for those who are following me on my social medias account and of course this blog. 

See you guys later!