Thursday, 31 January 2013

Nanny's Pavillon

Last Sunday, I went to CItywalk Sudirman and chose Nanny's Pavillon to eat something for my lunch.
I love the interior design here! It's kinda cute that a restaurant is set like a living room. I chose a pancake which I forgot the name, caramel something hahaha.

This Eeyore is actually a gift. It always reminds me of my junior high school time. "Everyone could give you a million memories, but only some people could give you million reasons why you instantly smile when you remember those memories". Thanks for those memories <3

Monday, 28 January 2013


Hello everyone, I'm sorry for the late post. You have heard about the flood right?
In front of my house:

And last Saturday, I went to Kota Kasablanka with my family *no more flood yaay*, and I wore this unbranded top, vintage highwaist jeans and Converse sneakers. Those bracelets are from Jogja, and also the necklace :D

Friday, 18 January 2013


"God is the reason why even in pain, I smile. In confusion, I understand. In betrayal, I trust. And in fear, I continue to push forward. And you are my hope."
Sometimes things don't go like we've expected, but all we have to do is just leaning on Him.
He will give you the best, no matter how hard your problems are. Keep focus and trust Him.
Good night people, hope Jakarta will be better soon.  #prayforJakarta

Sunday, 13 January 2013


Hi people! How're you guys? I'm sorry for not posting anything this week. I didn't have time to post hehehe. I went to Sari Pan Pacific Hotel yesterday to attend my mom's friends wedding.
It's raining that's why I felt so cold. And I decided to wear this blazer.
This dress is actually a gift from my classmates, I don't know why it looks so short when I wear it and they didn't know it will be that short until I tried it on in front of them hahahaaha. But thanks guys :')

This is also a gifted necklace
Sometimes all we have to do is nothing. Just wait and see what will happen next. Yeah, that's life. Life is like a roller coaster, you're the passenger and the rail is your journey of life. It doesn't always go straight but it will go up and down. You will also feel beat up, happy, sad, etc when it comes to life. But, happiness depends on you, no one could make you happy if you yourself don't want to be happy. So, just live your life to the fullest, do what you wanna do in a positive way and don't stop trying!
Happy Sunday people, God bless :)

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Color & Pattern Block

Italian pizza for lunch yaay! I went to Pizza E Birra at Central Park and chose this fungi pizza, fish and chips, and the other dishes ( So bad I didn't take photos of them ). Then I did window shopping with my mom. Whoaa, sale is everywhere; Levi's, Bershka, Pull&Bear, Mango, etc.
It feels like it's still holiday when actually holiday is over :(

I wore this top from  Retail Therapy and pants from SPOTLIGHT which I bought in one of Bandung local store, Happy-go-Lucky.

Happy Sunday everyone! :)

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Pastel Flower

AH! Am I too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR again? Hahahahaha.
I'm so sorry I can't post anything yesterday because I was so busy. I wasn't home till 9 o'clock and I was very tired. I went to Grand Indonesia at noon. I met my friend and her family there and actually we decided to go to Sentul City together but at the end we went there by ourselves.
We arrived at Sentul City and.......................... it's crowded! Ah-Poong is the name of the floating market that we visited yesterday. It's newly opened in Sentul City. There's Eat&Eat and EcoArtPark; some object photos and games.

Sorry for my bad hair :( It's just.... er. What I wore; Flower top- Forever21, H&M skirt, Unbranded clutch, Connection shoes, Topshop socks.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy Nearly New Year

There's always good days in our lives. Maybe it's just only a few, it can't be happened continually in our lives, but it actually depends on you, you can make it whether it will be good or bad. Like in this year, some good days and bad days has came to fulfill my life, so that my life will never be boring.
Yeah, and the last day in 2012, I started with a good morning :) 
I went to Pluit VIllage with my grandparents and mom. And we had our breakfast in Teo Chew Palace.
I really enjoy the atmosphere and the food. You should try!!

I chose this ombre shirt which is bought in H&M and this gray jeans shorts by Forever21. And I added an unbranded bangle, a New Look clutch, and BLOWPOP ( twitterblog ) necklace. I bought this necklace in Bandung, exactly in
WIDELY PROJECT. I recommend this place for you who loves local product <3
Psst, look at my skin! Oh no................................................

Much love and kisses, Grace.