Monday, 17 July 2017

Launching soon: Aurate Newest Collection

Accessories is now one of the most important thing to boost your look. 
You can stand out even only wearing t-shirt and jeans, if you add an accessories.
Simple jewelry is now really popular, people tend to wear the simple one rather than something colourful, because details that matter. 

I personally prefer simple jewelry to my daily outfits.
These are some models of simple jewelry that I adore.

They are all from AUrate
These are the newest and soon-to-be-launched collection.
"Solid Circle Collection" 
They are just so pretty and versatile, don't wanna miss them?
Stay tuned on July 18 on AUrate 

From all the collections, my personal favorite is the necklace!
It's a piece you surely won't miss, you can never go wrong with simple necklace right?

So don't miss it!
Mark your calendar!
18 July on AUrate
Have a nice day :)


Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Ideas for Wedding Dresses ft. Alessmode

Whoa. Holiday is over!
It's time for us now to work hard and do great in our lives.
Talking about life, is there anyone here preparing for new life (a.k.a get married) ?
I, personally, haven't been thinking about married yet hahahaha.
But all I know and I do agree, married is something serious and happen only once in a lifetime.
So for some people including me, I want to give the best for my wedding ceremony.
Like the place, the ambience / decorations, the dresses, accessories etc, the music, the wedding organizers, I'll definitely choose the best that meet my expectation.

July, August till the end of the year, is the time people getting married. I don't know why but during that months my family will be getting severals wedding invitation. Maybe because the weather is good enough? Hehehe. 
If you're planning on getting married, I'm sure you'll check for some wedding ideas or inspirations. And now I'm going to share some ideas for the Wedding Dresses.

2017 Wedding Dresses ideas may be helpful for you guys who are planning on getting married this year but haven't found the best dress for you. You will find out what trend and what colours/ models is hot in 2017. I know we are all have our own style, but don't worry, you can see the ideas based on your personal style / preferences.
Not only based on your personal style, but I think dresses should also match with the location of your wedding ceremony and the theme of course. 

Simple Wedding Dresses should be perfect for all themes I guess. Look! They are all so pretty <3

Lace Tulle Long Dress

Ruffles Chiffon Dress

Princess Tulle Simple Dress

How if you want to hold the ceremony at the beach? 
Here's some ideas for the Beach Wedding Dresses

One Shoulder Chiffon Dress

Chic Lace Spaghetti Dress

Princess Satin Dress

And how about vintage-theme wedding? No problems, you can still check out the Vintage Wedding Dresses. My favourite one is the last photo! The lace details oh my everything's just so pretty!

Column Long Lace Dress

Princess Tulle Dress

Vintage Lace Dress

There's still a lot of wedding dresses on ALESSMODE, just check it out! I love their pretty dresses and they are all in great prices. I'm sure you'll be falling in love with their dresses too!

Whoops, for those who haven't planned on getting married, just bookmark the web so when you need it you just go straight to their web. It's a good idea, isn't it? Hehehe.
Anyway, what do you guys think about the dresses, let me know on the comment section below, I'm curious :p
Have a great day everyone!