Friday, 21 April 2017

Face Your Fashion Fears!

Hello guys, I'm back with another fashion post :)

Last week, Dia&co challenged me to make a look that I've always wanted to try but have been too scared to. I do have some looks on my mind, but because some of my clothes are already too small, I think I'll go with one look. This look is actually really popular now, I often see people wearing this "look" on Instagram.

Lately I realised my style now is more mature, when I was in SHS, I still like wearing printed t-shirts, shorts, colourful cardigans, etc. But now I choose to play safe with monochrome, like grey, blue, black,  and white.  I'm trying to put colours on my look but still I love black more than anythinngggg hahahahaha. If you're curious why I chose this look, the reason I've never worn this look because I feel short wearing flare pants without any heels, my wedges are leopard-print (you know I only wear monochrome), and I also think my dark lips doesn't suit my face at all.

I wore fur sandals at first, but I felt so short hahaha

I know some of you may think this look is just a basic look, but not for me. I feel insecure at first, but not anymore. Dia&co opened my eyes with their campaign, yes, we shouldn't be afraid or feel insecure, we can express ourselves through the looks we are wearing. There's no limit in expressing ourselves, and there's no rules in fashion, you can wear denim over denim, stripes over stripes without worry. So stop letting yourself following the trend, be your own trend. Whatever you're wearing, you're loved.