Thursday, 11 February 2016


Hi guys! Happy Chinese New Year!
I know CNY was actually on Monday, Feb 1. Hehehehe 

Where did u guys go on CNY? I went to my grandparents' and met my big family there. I didn't wear red clothes that day, I chose bluish purple instead of red when purchasing this Zalora off shoulder peplum top, because the red one doesn't look as good as the blue one. And I don't really like red to be honest (but my boyf does! that's why what I think is good never been accepted by him..... hahaha #thisiswar). Well, the red one doesn't catch my heart hahahaha ;)

These photos below was taken to capture the details closer but the background was not good👎👎

sorry for the small pic, taken from phone :p

Hope you guys have a great day!