Friday 24 January 2014

Floral x Black

Hi people, what's going on today? Yesterday my grandpa had his birthday and we went out with our big families. I decided to wear this floral top with black skirt, the skirt is actually my ballet skirt. I used to take ballet course when I was about 4 years old hahaha. It had been a very long time right?




Friday 17 January 2014

Feeling Blue

Hello everyone! I am terribly sorry about leaving this blog for months. I still have no internet and I give up then post this through my phone. How's life guys? Is it okay or you're facing any problems?
I don't know what I feel lately, it feels like all feelings are mixed and that's why I name this post "Feeling Blue" hahaha. Thanks for your support in 2013 by the way Merry Christmas 2013& Happy New Year 2014! xx, Grace. 


      Topshop cap&skirt - Uniqlo denim jacket - McClaren Mercedes T-shirt - New Balance shoes