Friday 28 December 2012


Ah! I'm back from my holiday hahaha. That's just amazing, I went to some places that I've never been there before. I went to Lembang to buy something and I took some photos there.
I spent my first day in Trans Studio Mall until night then for today we went to some local stores;
Happy Go Lucky , Widely Project , Popshop and Loubelle Shop.
I was wearing the same shorts like my previous post :p This is my story, how about you guys?


Topshop leopard tanktop
From Lembang, we went to Chef's Table. I ordered this Lemon Berries Cheese Cake. Nyum!

So bad, it's raining on the way home :( But, we stopped to buy Starbucks. This is the lovely edition from Starbucks during Christmas event. PEPPERMINT MOCHA.

Much love and kisses, Snowman. Let's count to 1st January 2013!!! :D

Wednesday 26 December 2012

Happy Merry Belated Christmas

Have a better year ahead, God bless you abundantly :) I'm so sorry for the late post, it's because I was so busy yesterday since morning. But it's fun, I had new experiences which's hard to be forgotten. 
I spent my Christmas with my lovely friends, no no I could call them families. Yeah they are too lovely to be called as friends. Ah, thanks God for sending them to me :')
Okay, and today, I went to Emporium Pluit to have a lunch with mom, popo and tietie. Popo is my grandmother, and tietie is my grandfather :p We tried Secret Garden and I love this place. But it's too bad they haven't served my carbonara. So my mom shared with me her omelette fried rice. My popo chose fish and chips and my grandfather chose beef teriyaki. 

We spent for about 3 hours there and then we drove my mom's parents home. Then we went to Artha Gading Mall. This is what I wore today. 
The Little Things She Needs shoes - Unbranded shorts - Morgan tops - ZARA bag

Saturday 22 December 2012

Spread the wings

Happy Mother's Day to all mom all over the world!
And especially my dearest mom, thanks for being my best mom ever.
I love you {}
I took this outfit post yesterday, but I had no time to post it yesterday...

Miss Selfridge shirt - Unbranded jegging - Unbranded shoes
                     Look at my shoes! It looks like creepers uh huh? When it's actually a wedges. :P

The little things she needs & Unbranded

Stradivarius lovely wings ;;)
Who doesn't want to feel free? None, I think. Everybody needs freedom, right? Yeah, me too, sometimes. That's why I love wings very much, though this is the fake ones. It can't make you fly, but every time I see wings, I instantly think about freedom. Freedom doesn't mean we can do all things like we want without  norm. Freedom is more about we can do things that we can't do in the past.

Have a nice day everyone, don't forget to say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to your mom :)

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Beige before Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner! Woohooo!!
A week before Christmas yaay I'm so happy. What's your wish for this Christmas guys?
A prosperity? A wealth? Or maybe a holiday vacation? hahaha
I wish you guys have a wonderful Christmas this year :)

Gifted dress - Forever 21 bangle - Ferragamo clutch - Next shoes

My friends say beige is really suit me. At first I didn't realize it, I always think that black is the most suitable color for me. Because black is also a basic color which can be paired with another color easily. But they change my mind. Yeah, now I think beige is also a perfect one to be paired with.

Sunday 16 December 2012

Have yourself a merry little Christmas :D

Have yourself a merry little ChristmasLet your heart be lightFrom now on your troublesWill be out of sight, yeah
Have yourself a merry little ChristmasMake the Yuletide gayFrom now on your troublesWill be miles away, oh ooh
Here we are as in olden daysHappy golden days of yore, ahFaithful friends who are dear to usGather near to us, once more, ooh
Through the years we all will be togetherIf the fates allowHang a shining star upon the highest bough, ohAnd have yourself a merry little Christmas now, ooh
Faithful friends who are dear to usGather near to us, once more, oh
Through the years we all will be togetherIf the fates allow, oh yeahBut 'til then we'll have to muddle throughSomehow, oh yeah, oh ooh ohAnd have yourself a merry little Christmas now

Saturday 15 December 2012

Hotel Transylvania

Ahahaha hi people! Honestly I felt so bored for staying at home since my first day of school holiday.
But yesterday *phew... finally* I hung out with some of my friends to watch Hotel Transylvania in XXI.
This is what I wore yesterday;



Unbranded necklace that I bought in Hong Kong for very cheap price :D



Mom's black cardigan - Stripe shirt from Marks&Spencer - Stradivarius pants
Hotel Transylvania is such a good animation film about vampire and its friends. "Dracula, who operates a high-end resort away from the human world, goes into overprotective mode when a boy discovers the resort and falls for the count's teen-aged daughter."

image courtesy:

You can watch the official trailer here <3

Monday 10 December 2012

Olive green?

This is what I wore yesterday when I went to the church............. I felt so blessed yesterday.


I love this details to the fullest..........
 I don't know what color this is, but I think it's olive green. I was given this olive green jacket from my sister but I haven't worn it because I get confused every time I want to pair it with another color. If I pair it with black, it's too common I think. Black suits all color. But yesterday morning I woke up without any doubts I took this jacket and I added this floral top and Eiffel necklace. And I think the combination fits me perfectly. Then I decided to pair with my white skirt, but at the end I chose my highwaist.

So now you know that I got the Eiffel from Forever21

Eiffel, I'm in love <3

Mango olive jacket - Mom's floral top - Unbranded shoes

This is my photographer, Felicia. 

Sunday 9 December 2012

Malaysia: The last destination

After Thailand, as we had planned, we flew to Malaysia as our last destination. Yeah, we stayed in Berjaya Times Square Hotel. We went to Petronas Twin Tower too and of course Genting. But I didn't take too much photos in there, so I couldn't post it :( 
What I wore: all tops from H&M. The black shorts also from H&M. The highwaist from Mangga Dua. And the bag is from Zara.

Traffic jam!

Sorry for the bad quality of this photo :(

Hi, this is Icha, one of my tour friends. She's so nice.

This is the map of Malaysia :)