Friday, 28 December 2012


Ah! I'm back from my holiday hahaha. That's just amazing, I went to some places that I've never been there before. I went to Lembang to buy something and I took some photos there.
I spent my first day in Trans Studio Mall until night then for today we went to some local stores;
Happy Go Lucky , Widely Project , Popshop and Loubelle Shop.
I was wearing the same shorts like my previous post :p This is my story, how about you guys?


Topshop leopard tanktop
From Lembang, we went to Chef's Table. I ordered this Lemon Berries Cheese Cake. Nyum!

So bad, it's raining on the way home :( But, we stopped to buy Starbucks. This is the lovely edition from Starbucks during Christmas event. PEPPERMINT MOCHA.

Much love and kisses, Snowman. Let's count to 1st January 2013!!! :D

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