Friday 31 May 2013

Denim Jacket? Yes, please!

Topshop MOTO jacket - Morgan top - Cotton On shorts - Pull&Bear clutch - H&M sneakers

Seeing denim things are still exist and of course are everywhere, I chose denim to dominate my post again. I am sorry if you get bored of my denim hahaha. Hi people, how's life going? I'm pretty tired of studying for my exams. There are still 8 to go. Gosh. Life is hard, isn't it?
Well then, I do wish you good luck for those who are having exams too!

Friday 24 May 2013


Do you know this magazine? Yes, Sunday is a free magazine which is delivered to some schools and courses in Kelapa Gading until Sunter. No, no I don't promote about this but I just suddenly wanted to take pictures with this magazine for my upcoming post last week. So that here is my post with this magazine :-D

H&M shirt - Happy-go-lucky tribal short - Cotton On shoes

Having a full week of examinations really made me super tired. But thank God I have finished aaaalllllll daily tests, and next week I will do my final tests. I'm sorry about the late post anyway, I did not have time to blog :-( Aha! And by the way I wanna say CONGRATULATIONS for all 12th grader who have passed the national exam!!

Saturday 18 May 2013

I Fall in Love with Maroon

Wake up, Grace! Don't be afraid to face the reality.
Yes, fact hurts but it's lie it will be more hurt.

Forever21 maroon longsleeve - Bershka denim - Converse sneakers

It's been very hot lately by the way................... I think this is the effect of global warming :-(

The cuties collar tips which I bought in Singapore

Friday 10 May 2013

Again for Denim

I went to Grand Indonesia to visit Market&Museum yesterday. It's interesting! I felt so lucky to find a tribal short that actually I wanted to buy it in Bandung last year, and the short is now on sale!!!! Gosh and my size is still available. Yayness \=D/ And yesterday I also went to Magnum Cafe and tried this velvet with macaroon.

 Topshop MOTO denim jacket - Morgan top - Unbranded skirt

Happy Ascension Day by the way guys, have a great Friday for today!

Saturday 4 May 2013

Back to Life

Stradivarius jacket - Unbranded graphic outer -  Forever21 shorts - The Little Things She Needs shoes

Having a pleasant day with this cute biscuits and kitkats really boost my mood up. Well this outfit photos were taken before I was hospitalized because of Dengue. I skipped school for about a week and the bad things are so many tasks and tests waiting for me the upcoming week. Gosh.
 Have a great weekend people!