Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Modern Student

Hello people! Have I looked like a student here? Hahahaha. 

Churros :9
                                             Esprit top - UNIQLO skort - New Look wedges

New Look wedges
Unbranded rings
This is my favorite necklace, ever. I've been searching for this model in Stradivarius when suddenly my sister bought me it in H&M. What a lucky day! <3
She was just back home from her holiday in Japan and Singapore, at last.
She's lucky enough, I think. Love you to the fullest sista!!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Pale Floral Pattern

I wish you a bunch of luck here, God bless! :-)
I wanna write a review about Opus Cafe. Opus Cafe is located in Plaza Indonesia.
I went there last Saturday with my family and ordered the salad, pasta, and pizza.
I love the pizza's taste! :P

Salmon-chicken-pepperoni pizza

The details of my Atmosphere floral outer
I love almost all things with floral pattern. I don't know why but I think it's attractive.
The outer is lovely for sure, but it looks pale :-( 
Unbranded tank - Cache Cache skirt - Atmosphere outer - Pixie Chic belt
Have a great day!

Friday, 12 April 2013

This is My Utopia

Where's your utopia guys? Hahaha I've been dreaming of a place where flowers are everywhere beneath the beautiful sky, where the buildings around it are designed with European styles. Not far away from it there's a good flea market which sells rare vintage stuff. And I sit under a tree and feel the wind blows.
The place where you can forget all your problems and what you feel is comfortable.
Okay, back to reality.
No matter how hard you try to hide all your problems, the fact is you still have to face it.
Life is full of problems, isn't it? Yes, they are there to teach us to be more mature.
This is my OOTD; Esprit velvet top - Stradivarius skirt - 13 Project  flower collar - SABS &  Chickhorse  bracelet.
Have a great day people!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

When you have to do is nothing.........

Some people may say we should be brave to do what we want although we will face the risk no matter what. But when we are facing a point where all we have to do is nothing, so what should we do? There's a time when we're in dilemma. And there I am. Dilemma is on my way, and I can't do anything except wait and wait. I think I was born to wait..... Yeah for something that's still unclear.

Friday, 5 April 2013

I Have My Hair Cut

What a day! Froot Loops is always awesome :-)

I did cut my hair last Sunday and I really want my hair back :-( I miss my long hair, seriously. But it's cut, I can't do anything to make my hair long again except  I extention it. But my friends think I'm fresher than before and of course look younger hahahaha. This is my outfit to my friend's birthday party.
Bershka denim shirt - Cloth Inc sheer maxi skirt - Pedro clutch - Forever21 spike bracelets - Unbranded heels.
Have a great day people!