Thursday, 3 January 2013

Pastel Flower

AH! Am I too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR again? Hahahahaha.
I'm so sorry I can't post anything yesterday because I was so busy. I wasn't home till 9 o'clock and I was very tired. I went to Grand Indonesia at noon. I met my friend and her family there and actually we decided to go to Sentul City together but at the end we went there by ourselves.
We arrived at Sentul City and.......................... it's crowded! Ah-Poong is the name of the floating market that we visited yesterday. It's newly opened in Sentul City. There's Eat&Eat and EcoArtPark; some object photos and games.

Sorry for my bad hair :( It's just.... er. What I wore; Flower top- Forever21, H&M skirt, Unbranded clutch, Connection shoes, Topshop socks.

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