Wednesday, 24 May 2017

[REVIEW] Creme Simon Dermo-Hydrating Facial Toner Mist


Review by Graciella Shiaryn
( @gegeciella )

Lately as you guys may notice, I've been obsessed with skincare products.
My frustration is one of the reason why I'm trying so many skincare products without any break. 
I was having terrible acne back then,and all problems were gone when I used doctor's cream.
I almost had no acne when I was in Senior High School, but when I started my college life my acne is back. Small bumps, whiteheads, hyperpigmentation, that's my problem.
I think it's because of the changing lifestyle, I never work out again, I rarely sunbathe. And that's also the reason I'm having hormones problem. And yes, hormones are related to acne.

My skin is a bit sensitive, I guess it because I'm pretty easily getting new acne.
I think at least one new acne in one week. I don't know why acne loves me so much hahaha.
Because my skin is sensitive, I always try to look for products that suitable for sensitive skin.

Crème Simon is one of the for-sensitive-skin brand.
So when I'm given the chance to review the Hydrating Toner Mist, of course I'm in😆
Before trying out this product, I go online first to read about this product and whoa this one is the Winner of "Best Toner" in some magazines awards! Hahaha I know, I know, you guys are so curious about this product. So without further do, let's get right into it!

Crème Simon Dermo-Hydrating Facial Toner Mist is a multitasking product, it can be used as a regular toner, hydrating mist, makeup setting spray, and even as a blemish treatment

  • For a toner, or you can call it boost moisturizing effect, spray it to the cotton pad and wipe it all over your face, or you can just spray directly to your face and pat pat pat.
  • For a hydrating mist, you can just spray it to your face in daytime to give you instant hydration and also you can spray it over to frizzy hair.
  • For a makeup setting spray, spray it all over your face after your makeup, to make your makeup last all day!
  • For blemish treatment, spray and apply soaked cotton pad over blemish to calm redness.

What a lovely handwriting, thank you Crème Simon :)

I can't help myself at all. LOL.

It is really useful right? I personally use this as a hydrating mist or a makeup setting spray. It does provide the hydration my skin needs, makes your skin glowing and also feels really refreshing during the day. Honestly when I tried using this as a blemish treatment or a regular toner, my skin gets itchy. I can't really tell if it's a tingling sensation or not, but I think from the ingredient lists it's supposed to not giving any tingling sensation. But it's okay, I still love it as my hydrating mist or makeup setting spray. Please note, YMMV.

The mist itself contains no alcohol, parabens, silicone, sulfates, and oil. So don't you worry, it's safe. It contains fragrance, but the fragrance comes naturally from the natural ingredients if I'm not mistaken.

For the active ingredients, it contains :

  • Activ-Fleur Complex : An exclusive botanical elixir of 7 fresh flowers and plants, rich in active phenols and flavonoids, proven to gently brighten.
  • Rose, Iris, Jasmine extracts : Oxygenate and improve toxin elimination and skin cell renewal for luminosity and clarity
  • Wheat Oligosaccharides Complex : Boost brightening efficacy through reduction of skin pigmentation and melanogenesis inhibition.

The ingredients are all good for your skin and of course you get the benefits right in a bottle.
You can get the Crème Simon Dermo-Hydrating Facial Toner Mist for Rp. 576.000.
You can buy Crème Simon products at ALL SEPHORA INDONESIA STORES, yes it's easy to buy them right? Or if you want to order online you can get it through  or 💗

Thank you Clozette Indonesia x Creme Simon ID x Sephora Indonesia for giving me the chance to review this. I hope this review is useful for everyone. See you on the next blog post!


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