Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Sariayu Martha Tilaar Beauty Workshop

Hola holiday! Yes finally I finished all my final tests and free for about 2 months!
Last Saturday I went to Kota Kasablanka just for window-shopping hahahaha (I wish I can shop but I'm now crisis because I used all my money to buy sheet masks! I will make a blog post later ;) And several skincare kinda thingy) and when we came to Cotton On, which is in front of the place where the beauty workshop held, we heard the MC called the speaker for that day's event and you know who? It's @sasyachi !! Then my mom decided to stay there and ask for a seat. The sales person allowed us to sit and even I was asked whether I want to join the beauty class or not.

And.......... I joined hahahaha. Sariayu was promoting their new series named "Krakatau" which is made by the inspiration from Mount Krakatau and during the beauty class we could try their newest collection from mousse foundation, eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner, and lip duo. I personally love the eyeliner because it's very soft and so easy to be applied on (but I think the eyeliner is from the Papua collection), and also the lip duo that has two different types; one is glossy, and the other is matte. For you who want to use the matte one but afraid it will make your lips dry and cracky, you can apply the glossy first as then the matte. But the lip duo itself is already contain moisturiser so no need to worry :p

I know the photo below shows a slight difference but I actually use eyeliner, blush, eyeshadow, and the lip duo hahahaha. I recommend the lip duo and the eyeliner for sure! And the second photo is what I got but the make up remover wipes were bought by my father and he gave it to me hahahaha. Anyway I was really having fun during the event, it's so helpful! See you on next event <3


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