Friday, 24 June 2016

Pomona x Gaudi Event

Hello guys! Yesterday I joined an event held by Pomona and Gaudi. Gaudi? Gaudi is a clothing line, but... what is Pomona? Pomona is a new apps that is made for us who like to go to malls and "hits" places hahahaha. I can't really describe it but just download it, it's useful tho. Okay so the event took place in Legato Lounge Sunter near the Holiday Inn Hotel. The place itself is not really big but it is surrounded by window glass so the lighting is natural by the sunlight. I met my blogger fellas, Lystia Novilda and Lucy Lie. And yeaahhh we took several photos, not a lot, because we're running out of time (the event was about to start) hahahaha. The event was fun and interesting, there were some games like Flatlays games & Make up challenge. I won the make up challenge thanks to my team mate we finally won! hahaha. And I also got shopping voucher worth Rp.250.000 woohoo maybe God knows I haven't bought any clothes since so long ago hahahahhaha. Overall I did have so much fun and met some new friends, hope I can join another event like this <3

All photos were taken by phone in square mode so when I make it x-large it becomes blur so sorry :(
Anyway, thank you guys (Lystia, Lucy, Sally, Irene, Angela, etc) see you on another event!



  1. Sounds like a fun event! X

  2. looks fun :''')
    lets meet soon grace hehehe

    cheer, michelle ~


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