Thursday, 2 March 2017

Sheet Masks Haul

Hi everyone! I guess if you're a mask junkie you will definitely always love to try new masks right? (THAT'S ME!) Yeah, I love everything about masks, especially korean or taiwanese masks. Korea and Taiwan usually produce cute packaging for sheet masks and that's why I love it hahahaha I love cute masks, what I mean is the mask itself is just plain as normal sheet mask, but the packaging omg so adorable. Sebenarnya aku jarang maskeran gitu, kalau lagi ingin aja baru maskeran, but I can't stop buying sheet masks yang menurut aku kayanya lucu nih atau wah boleh deh cobain menarik hahaha (girl's problem). Tapi kalau masker yang aku beli didiamin terus menerus lama - lama jadinya numpuk banyak banget, jadinya aku usahain setidaknya seminggu 1x atau 2 minggu 1x.

Note: These masks were used based on my skin condition. If my skin isn't in good condition, I prefer go for the soothing or calming ones.

Note: Pics are from google


   The packaging is simple but the brand tickles my ear hahahaha the brand sounds familiar and that's why I want to try this product. The price is so so, around Rp. 30.000 - Rp. 40.000. The mask smells like soybean milk HAHAHA I can't really describe but that word came across my mind when I first opened the packaging. Rich of essence which color is white milky (this mask really made me wanna grab a cup of milk!). 

When I googled....
The reason why I say it's like soybean milk because it contains milk! 
"Coconut water, rice, milk, Lily Jasmine extracts will supply moisture and nutrients to your skin "

It must be a great mask since it contains good ingredients, and also the concern from this mask are hydrating and whitening.
So what's my conclusion?
(+) smells good (for me hehehehe)
(+) rich essence
(+) nice packaging
(-) a bit itchy on my skin idk why

RECOMMENDED? YES / NO ( Yeah at least you should try yourself nyehehehe)


  OMG!!! You guys will absolutely know why I bought this mask!!!!! BECAUSE JOONG KI IS SO HANDSOME HERE HAHAHAHAHAHA. He's handsome but..... I'm not a big fan tho. Why I chose the Thursday mask because I need a relaxing sheet mask, most of my sheet masks are for hydrating or moisturising. And I used this before I went to Malang for some activities and I guess I need to supply my skin first before going there. It's just like another normal sheet mask, but this one is made from silk so it's really smooth and thin. Smells good, but not really impressive. Essence also rich, but not that rich. The good thing is this mask contains 50mg of tea tree oil (tea tree oil is very famous for its soothing effect for irritated skin. For the price is so so, like A by Bom, it's around Rp. 30.000 - Rp. 40.000 each, you can get them cheaper if you buy the set (Mon-Sun masks).

look how cute Joong Ki here <3

So what's my conclusion?
(+) good mask bcs made of silk
(+) really does the job in soothing my skin
(+) great packaging (made of thick paper)
(-) hard to find (sellers are usually sold per set)

RECOMMENDED ? YES / NO (Yasss for soothing!)

At first it was really annoying because of the "slip off" effect alias jatoh - jatoh mulu pas dipake hahaha. Yeah the mask is like going to fall every time I move my head, but after 7 minutes or more the mask finally settle. It is really really good, like finally I find my HOLY GRAIL!!! It does moisturize, and also soothe my skin, the next day after the night I used that mask, my skin super plump and moist. Definitely Repurchase. Please note this is not a silk or cotton mask, it is a hydrogel mask.

So what's my conclusion?
(+) price = benefits
(+) the result is seriously really good
(-) hard to find
(-) a bit pricey around Rp.40.000 or more


I actually tried so many different masks, but I am so sorry I haven't had the time to take photos of them and do the review one by one. I'll surely try posting more about review, so stay tuned!
"This is not a sponsor post, this review is made based on my own experience YMMV."

Have a good day!



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