Tuesday 19 January 2016


Hello guys! I've never made any post about beauty haul. So today I decided to make a "BEAUTY HAUL #1" post, why I make it with #1? Because if I make it altogether in one post, it will be soooo long. That's why there will be another beauty haul post hihihi and because this is special post from me to you guys, please comment if you have any request what product I should review next or anything else :) Ah by the way, you can ask me anything about fashion, beauty, food, life, love or any tips from now on through Instagram / Ask.fm with hashstag #AskAuntieCella , feel free to ask, I'm really happy to answer your questions <3

Fyi, the products I'll be reviewing is Korean products. I'm deeply in love with Korean beauty products lately and when my sister went to Korea last month I asked her to buy some Korean products, and the rest was bought from several online shops.


The Banila Co. Clean It Zero comes in solid form unlike the other oil cleansers. With the scent of gentle fruit (I like the it!) and the pinkish balm, the product looks super cute. And also the box and the jar is pink! Cute. This is suitable for normal, dry, and oily skin (based on some web). But if you have sensitive skin, you can get the Banila Co. Clean It Zero Purity. I personally really love this idea of making the "usual oil cleanser" into this kinda "solid form" and because it comes with the spatula, you can keep the balm clean.

How to use:   
" Take a scoop of the oil cleanser using the little spatula they give you, and gently massage the formula all over your face and neck (without water). You can feel the solid texture slowly turn into more of an oil, and you can even see it slowly dissolve your makeup. Add a bit of lukewarm water to your face to emulsify using the same upward, circular motions. Adding water causes the formula to turn slightly milky. Then rinse thoroughly using lukewarm water. " 

I will definitely buy it again. For sure. Hehehe

I rarely use any mask to be honest because my mom had frightened me if the mask doesn't suit my skin then it will caused trouble and I hate having face trouble such like acne, big pore, or even worse (but using no mask doesn't mean I don't have acne...). But now I'm aware with my skin health especially face, and because people say mask is a good thing and sometimes it's really important, I'm trying to buy masks with good ingredients. And I got this mask from my sister, I've read some reviews and decided to try. The mask itself is divided into two parts, the upper part and the lower part.

As you can see there's a word "ceramide" in the mask. It is written that fermented ceramide absorbs easily into the skin and what is the fermentation line? This special line provides an intensive solution for skin problems with its high quality dual-fermented ingredients. You can read more the details on the back of the packaging.

After applying this mask on my face yesterday, I didn't see any bad reactions and I felt bouncy, soft, and healthier. I still have 4 more, if there are any specifics change, I will make an update about that.

Psst. Hydrogel type of mask is good from what I heard.

I'm sure you guys know this famous line of Etude House, right? The Zero Sebum line is very popular among girls with sebum problems. For who haven't known what sebum is, sebum is basically an oil that our body produces, but if it's too much then it called as an excessive sebum and it's not good because it can lead to oily skin. People who have oily skin will tend to have larger pores or more white heads where the oil or "sebum" will be trapped in. If you want to know more details just google it :) Comes in three different products; Zero Sebum White Sebum Clear, Zero Sebum All Day Matte Gel, and Zero Sebum Drying Powder, The Zero Sebum line is really helpful by reducing the sebum easily (I've tried once!). There is actually 3 steps to use this for the perfect result, but I only have the sample which only include the step-1 (White Sebum Clear) & step-2 (All Day Matte Gel). 

At first, I didn't realise any change because I only have few near my nose. But when I applied the white sebum clear, the sebum melts and those when I realised it is very effective. Another effect from the product, it leaves a smooth complexion and of course it reduces the oil from where the sebum was and it feels so good. The all day matte gel didn't give any special effect for me and I just used it as a must for finishing the step.

I love the white sebum clear but I'm sure it will be mostly forgotten..... except you take a look in the mirror and you notice your sebum.

Before this, I've already bought the sample size also of the Etude House Perfect Real Art Cleansing Oil. And because I found out this product is really amazing that's why I bought another ones. But maybe you guys are curious why I bought the sample size again, it's because I just wanna use it to clean my heavy makeup, and I rarely do the heavy makeup. Not only that, but also it's because I bought the sample size of Mild Real Art Cleansing Oil to try hehehe.

I really suggest you if you're searching for good cleansing oil, YOU SHOULD BUY THIS! 
But if you do know the other good cleansing oil please let me know so I can try and make the review for you guys :)

I think that's all for Korean Beauty Haul #1, see you on the next review! <3
Just a reminder, if you have any questions about food, fashion, love, life, beauty, ask me through Instagram & Ask.fm with hashtag #AskAuntieCella and I will try my best to answer it.



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