Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Life.... :)

Hi people! It's been a while since my last post. Today's post will be about my own life and struggle that I wanna share a bit. I really love seeing people's instagram feeds that are look nice and even have their own characteristics by using filters. But till now I haven't found any filters that match me perfectly (and that's the problem...). It seems like I'm not consistent with my instagram feeds, not like the others. I've tried A6, S3, HB2, etc. But none of them can turn my photos out continuely looking good and I'm getting frustated about it (if you notice, I tried many ways to make a good photo but only few succeeded). 

But I don't know why when I look at this photo my boyf accidentally took, I like getting a thought of being my own self. All I see in this photo is like a message from me to me that I shouldn't care anymore of what's going on behind me, of being as good as the other, of maintaining my instagram feeds just to look lovely. I'm comfortable just being myself, posting photos I wanna share, and live the life I'm grateful for. 
I know maybe this is a warning so that I don't push myself too be like anybody else. It's happier to be ourselves! :-)

Yes, that's all I wanna share today. I hope you guys don't feel the same way like I do and you guys are thankful enough for your own life. Thank you so much for all supports and loves <3


  1. This is so thoughtful! My teacher used to tell me to never let anything bothers our own happiness! Keep on rising and shine :) dont worry too much about your instagram feeds, even I never use specific filter in my instagram :)


  2. Hi dear, you have a nice blog:) I like it! Follow each other?

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  4. It's so nice to read your blog :)


  5. true gurl~ just be yourself no matter what ;;)
    filters, perfect feeds, etc are just limiting you to be creative with your own self <33

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.co.id/

  6. just don't worry too much and push yourself to be someone else dear.
    Your Instagram feed looks lovely <3


  7. don't worry, pretty
    just be yourself no matter what
    have a nice day ♥


  8. being yourself is the most important thing. i recently have a theme for my instagram feeds without changing who i am. it feels great and satisfying :) cheers!

    Pretty Messed Up

  9. hey love. I checked out your blog and its pretty!
    So creative !

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  10. Nice blog :)
    Follow for follow? :)



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