Saturday, 5 September 2015

Simple Style with Batman

Hello people, long time no post. How's life? Anyway what weather do you have in your country? In Indonesia it's still very very hot! And you cannot wear anything thick like jacket or parka. Whereas I really like to do layering with my outfit. But it's okay, I can wear them during rainy day ahahaha. Well, because of the hot all you need to wear is a comfy tee which can keep you cool although you do outdoor activities like the one from @amv.collections. Mine is black with gold batman symbol printed on the front. They actually have many colours but I decided to choose black and gold because I think it's a perfect match ;)

                            check their instagram: @amv.collections

Anyway I can't look to the camera, it's too glaring! hahahaha

tee: @amv.collections on instagram
skirt: H&M
shirt: zara
shoes: New Balance

see ya!


  1. i love your tee <3 and you look so pretty ;)

  2. cute outfit I love batman! <3
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    Let me know on my blog & I'll follow back <3

  3. Great post !! :) amazing outfit :)
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  4. So cute outfit.Maybe we could follow each other :)

  5. i love the laid-back and cool outfit <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  6. In my country it's 10 degree celcius, must use heavy coat anywhere evrytime

  7. Looking so cute, dear. I love your blog.
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