Thursday, 26 February 2015

IFW 2015

Hi guys! I just got back home from Indonesia Fashion Week a.k.a IFW in JCC (26Feb-1Mar). At first I decided to watch my friend's show but sadly there were many traffic jams and that's why I couldn't make it. But luckily I met him when the show was over and took some photos with him and one of my blogger fellas, Kak Ravi ( In IFW there are soooooooo many booths which sell so many good stuffs, but I didn't have much time to take a look around because I have to go home before 3in1. I recommend you guys to do visit IFW because it's an interesting event that shows Indonesia is also has talented designers and etc. I hope I can come again next year :(

Anyway I'm gonna post my outfit details on my next post!



  1. *crying because i can't attend events like that since i live in another world*

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  2. Nice outfit! It's so sad that you cannot attend friend's show, though :(


  3. What lovely outfits ! I love your necklace !

  4. Huaaa~ mau banget ke IFW :')
    btw you look lovely graci! <33

    cheer, michelle ~


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