Thursday, 5 June 2014

Bandung Short Trip

When there's a one-day-holiday, who doesn't want to use the time wisely? Yeah, and so do I. And because of the short time, I chose Bandung as my destination. I did culinary when I was there; I went to Secret Garden, Verde which is famous of its flaming pizza, and Lawangwangi. 


I really enjoyed my short trip to Bandung so far. By the way, you guys know that nowadays online shopping is very famous, you can still do shopping wherever you are. And yes, I have tried to do online shopping, pretty addicted. Because sometimes you can find things you can not find in malls. I've tried to shop in Zalora, I bought a pearl fake collar necklace and I love it so much. The service is also good, you can try to shop there. Actually there are so many local shopping website recently, it depends on what things you are searching for. But also make sure the website is trusted enough, now open the website aaaaaannnndddddd happy shopping! 



  1. i thought that collar is come from ur shirt and i just know it was not , but i love that fake collar it's fit with ur outfit <3


  2. online shop always the best place for affordable prices :)
    love your outfit!


  3. Aaaa cool place!! x3

    cheer, michelle

  4. gw dah sering banget ke bandung tapi blom pernah ke 2 cafe itu!! next time i'll try!!

  5. it looks so comfy and beautiful! I want to visit it someday!

    bdw mind following me back ci grace?


  6. tempatnya keren banget ya<3 and btw nice shoes! super love:D

  7. preciosas tenis


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