Friday, 1 March 2013

Denim oh shirt

         Hello everyone, I am so sorry for the super late post. I had a hectic week that's why I didn't have much time to post :( Actually it's not over yet, I'm going to continue my midterm tests from Monday to Thursday.
         Today I wanna share a bit about one of my friend. He usually called as Copin. He's my old friend, maybe around 4 years? I don't know the exact time. I rarely spoke to him when we're in JHS because he's so quiet and he seemed like a misfit person. Then time flies........... and we're now in SHS. We're now in the same class as social students. And there I found out his personality, he is far away from what I expected at first. He's talkative and fun. When we're in accounting lab, he sat next to me and we had a small chat, and the when I got bored, I opened my notepad and wrote something there about him, he knew it. And he laughed because of it.
         A week later, my friend from another social class asked me about the notes. He read it and he laughed. Then when we had our English lab *the Accounting lab and the English lab are the same!* Copin sat in front of my computer and I didn't know what he did because I left him to have a chitchat with my girls.
At noon, he contacted me and he said that he read it again, at the same time, he laughed.
         I just got a little surprise to find his truly is. I learned that we cannot judge people by their appearances only, maybe the appearance looks like a geek, or makes him/her like an odd person or anything but it doesn't really define who they truly are. Have a nice day people <3


Bershka denim - F21 top - Unbranded skirt

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